Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Windy Afternoon

Its a windy day, from early morning, raining..tend to getting sleep..bored..

Missing him so much..since last two weeks, i have not see him...

Counting day by day, tick tock..time a moving,

another 1 month to go.

Wedding bells are ringing.Huhu..

I am getting m.....d. God bless me.

Hopefully, Allah will help me through this path.

Some early preparation have been done.

It takes 1 year 5 month to wait until this precious moment,

And still, there are some issue still not settled yet.

And still, money running out of my pocket,

Mmm.. whatever, as far as we concern and realize,

No matter how well you arrange and planned,

Uncircumtances and challenges is unexpected and unavoided,

Trouble is our friend of mine...

Just like The Beatles say..Let It Be..

Later I'll share some informative tips as a bride to be.


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