Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Makan-makan @ rumah kak mimi

It is a celebration of Zureehan birthday...3 June 2012..
Everybody are gathering at kak mimi house. We did pot luck..lots of food...mmmm
Mak prepares bubur durian
Kak mimi - as a host, steamboat, fruit salad
Me myself - nasi goreng cina
Its been a long time, difficult to assemble everybody...because of commitment..today is the day..
Its a short time..but memorable

                                                       Main dish: steamboat
           Nasi goreng Cina: my husband said, Dear..after this you cook for me ya...i just eat too little..
                                                           Bubur durian by mak
                        My sista, all the time discuss about Mary Kay..Mary Kay...Mary Kay
                      My hubby, he try to balance his eating time and entertaining my nephews and niece
                                                 Everybody are focused on their own food...

Hanging Around KL and Shah Alam

Last week, Mr Firdaus, have a short break from Friday to Monday off day. However, i'm still working......
On last Saturday, my husbby asking me..
Hubby: Dear, do you still remember...before we married..every weekend we will go out?everywhere...as we together..
Wife: Yes abang..why?
Hubby: Today is Saturday, why dont we go out for dating..
Wife: Why not...but where?
Hubby: I am planning to get my drill set at Houz Depot..
Wife: Its not a dating..after that?
Hubby: You decide..
Wife: You promise to bring me to I-city after we married..
Hubby: Yeah..im still remember..
Wife: and...i want to go to Pasar Malam at Jalan TAR..last night I was dreaming of nugget and popiah..huhu
Hubby: ????nugget and popiah...yes sure..why not..shall we..

En Firdaus suka bergambar

                                                         Beautiful light sunflower
                                                                     Both of us

My hubby said that, I-City is a placed for couple only..then i wonder..we are couple ok...we are married..definitely life partner...
I mean, it suitable for those who are looking for couple...hanging around..
For me, I-city is a city of entertainment, where lights are everywhere, we can see thousand of people hanging around, some of them, doing nothing, chit chatting, or family vacation..whatever it is, i dont mind..as long wherever I go, im with en firdaus...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fraser Hill here we go...

On 1st June...we still in 'cuti kawin'...he have our short conversation
Hubby: My hubby said..Dear..we still have a time to go somewhere else..Do you have any planning?..
Wife:    Any idea?
Hubby: How about Genting?
Wife:    You have to wake up as early as 5.00 am and climb up the highland...
Hubby: Mmmm...somewhere else? How about Sunway Lagoon?
Wife: My dear..it was very hot and our skin will get burn..next monday we are return to work.
         Cameron Highland? I feel that..mmm somewhere..cool places...
Hubby: Cameron Highland is too far and we are shortage of budget...
Wife; Fraser Hill is the best place..Shall we?
Hubby: Where is it?
Wife: Tommorow i will tell you..ok take rest for long journey tommorow..
Hubby: ???????

Early in the morning..not so early..we ready our packed by 10 am...We prepared sandwich, nasi goreng, orange juice and jajan for our meal. Long journey to go...
We take PLUS highway..toll fee RM9.50. It takes about 4 hours from Kuala Lumpur. Take exit Kuala Kubu Bharu..we stop for Jumaat prayer. Start our journey by 2.30 pm and climb the hill..so adventure. I drove the car. My husband is a co-pilot.
It a one way direction...Alhamdulillah...we arrived and return safely.

Fraser Hill..it just a place for sightseeing and divert your stress into calm session. For those who are, interest to jungle walking or hiking..Fraser Hill is the best place...other activities bird watching, horse riding, archery, boating... but for us..it just a place for resting...

Malacca Vacation

                                                      In front of The Ship Museum...

                                 Mr. Firdaus was trying his new shirt....Malacca signature. He said..my size is M..and I said, no dear..your size is L..he argue and i said..why dont you just try...tadaaa...my dear..your size is L..
             In front of Kereta Lembu...it was Malacca traditional transportation...long long time ago
                   The Staduys Building..long time ago..it was a Dutch Government Building..
                         nowadays it transform to Jabatan Agama Islam Melaka building..
                                 A Famosa...as a church..as a fortress..as a symbol of Malacca history
                                                              WE..in front of A Famosa..

                                              On the top of the hill...with Malacca scenery..
                                                                 It is a tomb cover...

It was a short vacation. We just return back from Tenggaroh. Actually, I am just completing my posting visitation at Johore. Just imagine, without any preparation, my hubby said, dear...let we visit Malacca. And I said, ok abang....Along the way, we take short break and visit Malacca. Nothing much we covered. Just sightseeing around Bandaraya Melaka and climb up the hill of A Famosa, take a snapshoot then return back to KL.


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