Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Makan-makan @ rumah kak mimi

It is a celebration of Zureehan birthday...3 June 2012..
Everybody are gathering at kak mimi house. We did pot luck..lots of food...mmmm
Mak prepares bubur durian
Kak mimi - as a host, steamboat, fruit salad
Me myself - nasi goreng cina
Its been a long time, difficult to assemble everybody...because of commitment..today is the day..
Its a short time..but memorable

                                                       Main dish: steamboat
           Nasi goreng Cina: my husband said, Dear..after this you cook for me ya...i just eat too little..
                                                           Bubur durian by mak
                        My sista, all the time discuss about Mary Kay..Mary Kay...Mary Kay
                      My hubby, he try to balance his eating time and entertaining my nephews and niece
                                                 Everybody are focused on their own food...

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