Thursday, June 14, 2012

Malacca Vacation

                                                      In front of The Ship Museum...

                                 Mr. Firdaus was trying his new shirt....Malacca signature. He size is M..and I said, no dear..your size is L..he argue and i said..why dont you just dear..your size is L..
             In front of Kereta was Malacca traditional transportation...long long time ago
                   The Staduys Building..long time was a Dutch Government Building..
                         nowadays it transform to Jabatan Agama Islam Melaka building..
                                 A a a a symbol of Malacca history
                                                     front of A Famosa..

                                              On the top of the hill...with Malacca scenery..
                                                                 It is a tomb cover...

It was a short vacation. We just return back from Tenggaroh. Actually, I am just completing my posting visitation at Johore. Just imagine, without any preparation, my hubby said, dear...let we visit Malacca. And I said, ok abang....Along the way, we take short break and visit Malacca. Nothing much we covered. Just sightseeing around Bandaraya Melaka and climb up the hill of A Famosa, take a snapshoot then return back to KL.

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