Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fraser Hill here we go...

On 1st June...we still in 'cuti kawin'...he have our short conversation
Hubby: My hubby said..Dear..we still have a time to go somewhere else..Do you have any planning?..
Wife:    Any idea?
Hubby: How about Genting?
Wife:    You have to wake up as early as 5.00 am and climb up the highland...
Hubby: Mmmm...somewhere else? How about Sunway Lagoon?
Wife: My was very hot and our skin will get monday we are return to work.
         Cameron Highland? I feel that..mmm places...
Hubby: Cameron Highland is too far and we are shortage of budget...
Wife; Fraser Hill is the best place..Shall we?
Hubby: Where is it?
Wife: Tommorow i will tell you..ok take rest for long journey tommorow..
Hubby: ???????

Early in the morning..not so early..we ready our packed by 10 am...We prepared sandwich, nasi goreng, orange juice and jajan for our meal. Long journey to go...
We take PLUS highway..toll fee RM9.50. It takes about 4 hours from Kuala Lumpur. Take exit Kuala Kubu Bharu..we stop for Jumaat prayer. Start our journey by 2.30 pm and climb the adventure. I drove the car. My husband is a co-pilot.
It a one way direction...Alhamdulillah...we arrived and return safely.

Fraser just a place for sightseeing and divert your stress into calm session. For those who are, interest to jungle walking or hiking..Fraser Hill is the best place...other activities bird watching, horse riding, archery, boating... but for just a place for resting...


  1. Salam, amboi cik ida, lama tak jumpe...jauh dah merantau iyer, melakalah, fraser hillah...hehehe...bila nak mai main cheras...siap speaking english dengan mr hubby...ameriacn betul...hehehe...

    Miss you so much my dear friend...^_^


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