Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hanging Around KL and Shah Alam

Last week, Mr Firdaus, have a short break from Friday to Monday off day. However, i'm still working......
On last Saturday, my husbby asking me..
Hubby: Dear, do you still remember...before we married..every weekend we will go out?everywhere...as we together..
Wife: Yes abang..why?
Hubby: Today is Saturday, why dont we go out for dating..
Wife: Why not...but where?
Hubby: I am planning to get my drill set at Houz Depot..
Wife: Its not a dating..after that?
Hubby: You decide..
Wife: You promise to bring me to I-city after we married..
Hubby: Yeah..im still remember..
Wife: and...i want to go to Pasar Malam at Jalan TAR..last night I was dreaming of nugget and popiah..huhu
Hubby: ????nugget and popiah...yes sure..why not..shall we..

En Firdaus suka bergambar

                                                         Beautiful light sunflower
                                                                     Both of us

My hubby said that, I-City is a placed for couple only..then i wonder..we are couple ok...we are married..definitely life partner...
I mean, it suitable for those who are looking for couple...hanging around..
For me, I-city is a city of entertainment, where lights are everywhere, we can see thousand of people hanging around, some of them, doing nothing, chit chatting, or family vacation..whatever it is, i dont mind..as long wherever I go, im with en firdaus...

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