Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Penyatuan Sehati Sejiwa

Salam to everybody,
Alhamdulillah. It almost one month, I have been married and being Mrs. Firdaus. I want to share my precious moment with all of you. Here we go...
1) Solemnization and Wedding - 5th May 2012
2) Reception                          - 27th May 2012

We go one by one.For solemnization and wedding, our theme is off white and orange. For nikah, Im wearing chiffon kebaya. Tailormade by Kak Ina (my sis in law sista). Very nice and I love the design. For wedding reception, we choose songket modern kebaya. (i cant believe that, our wedding theme is orange!!!!!!!!) wow..its really cool. My family wear green color. Canopy orange and green (Pn Sabariah selection). My husband family, maroon pink color. It was a great combination. Makeup by Kak Jue from Pesona D'Anggun (Kak ana). Special thanks for guest, contribution, gift and doa'. I cant repay all of your kindness to make this event successfully. Great job for my students intake 201005, DHC being 'penanggah'.

For reception at Johore, we choose dusty pink color. Mr Firdaus prefer simple Baju Melayu, and me myself, pink dress. My family pink and family in law, silver grey. Makeup by Cikyang. However, im not into with the design, unsatisfactory. The design makes me more bigger. Im still prefer kebaya. What to do...Attendees family member, thank you for your support.

Feel free to view the happiness. Credit to Ms Lydia (my great photographer). she's really patience and helpful to make sure my picture great. Catering by Kak Fiza (abg zul caterer), canopy (semenyih). In a picture, there was a thousand stories. I cant say with my word.

                                              Makeup by Kak Jue from Pesona D' Anggun

                           Me and Cik Laily (my bridegroom). Everybody are waiting for Laily's wedding
                          Me and Cik Jijah, everybody are waiting for her wedding too.
Adik saya, Pn Ida Syahirah (Syerah), who contributes for dadih.
      Kakak saya, Cik Ida Syafinaz (Cikyang), who contributes a lot for my wedding.

                      Adik saya juga, Cik Ida Syahidah. Thank you for great design of bunting.
My elder sister, Pn Ida Syazrina, thank you for cupcake, oven dapur for wedding cake and many more contribution.

                                          My wedding hantaran, i did it by myself....simple

                                    Makwe gubahan for sireh junjung and fruits from Chu

                                           My dear husband, waiting for the nikah procedure
                                     Abah is being my wali and make it the akad nikah procedure
                                                             My handsome husband...

                                               Alhamdulillah, everything is settled...

                                                  Outdoor photoshoot at Aman Villas Garden

                                                              Reception at Johore...

                                              Photoshot at Pantai Tanjung Leman, Johore

                                                  End of the session..Really tired..but enjoy..

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